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Join the Anarkitty movement to disrupt the traditional banking system and redefine the future of finance.


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Welcome to the dawn of a new era in cryptocurrency. Anarkitty isn't just a token; it's a revolution. Born on the Solana network, Anarkitty is at the forefront of the battle for financial freedom, embodying the spirit of anti-censorship and the unyielding power of free speech. Join us as we pave the way for a future where your financial transactions are yours alone - anonymous, untraceable, and entirely under your control. Welcome to Anarkitty, where we're not just creating a token—we're sparking a movement.

About Anarkitty

Our Mission

Anarkitty is more than a meme coin; it's a beacon of freedom in a world dominated by financial constraints and censorship. Born from a vision of a world where financial transactions are liberated from the clutches of traditional banking systems and surveillance, Anarkitty is the embodiment of defiance against the establishment. Our mission is clear: to provide a platform that champions free speech, ensures anonymity, and fosters financial independence through innovative blockchain technology.

As we stand at the brink of a new era, Anarkitty invites you to be part of a groundbreaking journey. Join us to disrupt the traditional banking system and redefine the future of finance. This is your moment to be part of a movement destined to change the world.

Anarkitty Features

A New Breed of Crypto

Decentralized and Trustless

Anarkitty is built on a decentralized blockchain, removing the need for intermediaries and providing a secure, trustless system that puts you in control.


Anarkitty is more than a cryptocurrency; it's a movement. Our vibrant, passionate community works together to drive change and push the boundaries of what's possible.


Anarkitty thrives on freedom of expression and information, fostering a platform that resists censorship and promotes open dialogue.

Limited Supply

Anarkitty has a fixed supply, ensuring scarcity and long-term value for early adopters and supporters.

Our Tokenomics

888,888,888 Total Supply



Liquidity (Locked)


ZERO Transaction Taxes Forever!







Our Team


Crypto Knowledge

Project Owner/Leader

Crypto Knowledge is the visionary behind our project, bringing with them a wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency space. With a deep understanding of crypto projects and proficiency in Solidity, Crypto Knowledge leads our team with expertise and insight, guiding us towards success in the dynamic world of decentralized finance.


Riot Reader

Community Manager & Business Relations Manager

Riot Reader is the backbone of our community, fostering engagement and building strong relationships within our ecosystem. With a keen eye for business opportunities and a talent for marketing, Riot Reader ensures our project's presence is felt far and wide, creating connections that propel us towards our goals.


Smart Contract Creator

Project Developer

Smart Contract Creator is the genius behind the scenes, crafting the intricate web of technology that powers our project. With a background in website, dApp, and contract development, as well as a wealth of experience in marketing, Smart Contract Creator brings technical expertise and strategic thinking to our team, driving innovation and efficiency in all aspects of our project.



Marketing Manager

Ben is the driving force behind our project's visibility and success. With a sharp focus on marketing and promotion, Ben orchestrates impactful campaigns that amplify our message and reach. With a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and a proven track record in marketing, Ben ensures our project stands out in the competitive landscape of cryptocurrency.

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